Art by Kristin Smart: Original Paintings

About Kristin

My Background

I am a self-taught artist with a love for rich and vibrant colors. I sketched as a young girl, but didn't like feeling limited by the parameters given in the one and only art class I ever did. I was only recently inspired to pick up a paintbrush, in my adult years, after a long hiatus from anything art. Spending time on Vancouver Island sparked an incessant need to translate the beauty and experiences I'd had into colorful original paintings to share. 

My Medium

My favorite to work with so far is Oil Paint, but because I am still very much learning, experimenting and finding my style, I do play around in many different things: acrylic, watercolor, inks, anything I see or discover that I would like to try! Most of my pieces are in either Oil, or Acrylic. 

My Inspiration

I am frequently inspired by the beauty in daily life: the colorful landscapes of living on the Island, and formerly on the Coast, in Vancouver. I also have a real soft spot for all things cute and fuzzy that move. Any creatures, really!

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Art by Kristin Smart